Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!

Duncan Wheeler November 10, 2019

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!
At this time of the year, many homeowners are dealing with falling leaves. Leaves are a beautiful thing, yet as it pertains to homes, they are something to be wary of. Here are some thoughts on the subject:
  1. Leaves that pile up rot over time. This can be great for improving soil conditions as they form compost. But it takes 6-12 months for leaves to become compost.
  2. Rotted leaves that abut a structure can cause rot. Keep rotting leaves away from a house, especially wood siding.
  3. Leaves can block water flow. Until they compost, they can actually prevent water absorption. This is especially important on terraces, rooftops, and gutters where water flow is critically important.
  4. Leaves left to dry can become a fire hazard, especially big piles of very dry leaves left close to home. Leaves left where cars park can ignite when a car starts.
  5. Wet leaves can become slippery especially as they decay, so clear them from walkways and paths.


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