Stability Fuels Happiness

Duncan Wheeler December 1, 2019

Stability Fuels Happiness
Have you noticed how those who have stable businesses and stable personal and home lives often are the happiest people? Happiness is temporary and circumstantial, but by working towards stability, you can create an environment that fuels your own happiness. Don't confuse stability with a boring existence: a solid, stable existence allows for risk-taking and adventure too. Those who live chaotic roller-coaster lives may indeed enjoy happiness, but usually, it is limited and followed by more chaos.
Building your dream and chasing purpose creates inner worth. The knowledge that you are giving it all your very best, creates contentment which creates stability. Systems and routines and healthy habits fuel stability. Solid, loyal relationships and friendships fuel stability. Inner peace and enlightenment come from understanding our perceptions of the world and an awareness of who we are and some of the limitations we need to accept. The current practice of mindfulness is a useful way of maintaining awareness. Love of self and from others creates stability. Those who believe we have to be self-sufficient and that we don't need others are deluding themselves: True success cannot be achieved alone and consequently our relationships give our lives meaning.
Accept managed imbalance as a happy medium between imbalance and full balance. At certain stages of life, there will be some chaos and instability and something will have to give so that another thing can grow and develop. Anticipate these moments and be prepared for them with the maturity to know they are temporary and simply part of your journey. Aim for and work towards stability: in the calm security of this state lies the ability to think clearly and act with purpose, achieve true contentment.....and meaningful happiness.


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