Why It's Always the Right Time to Buy Real Estate!

Duncan Wheeler October 26, 2019

Why It's Always the Right Time to Buy Real Estate!

Did You Know?

“Everybody is worried about something. If you invested in 1969, amidst turmoil in 1969, you would have made 25 times your money. People forget about compounding” money over time,” - Ron Baron, founder of Baron Capital, with $29.6 billion in assets under management.
Here are some more of his insights that sound like they could apply to real estate too:
  • Investors should forget the day-to-day market gyrations and stay focused on the long term.
  • In 1969 the US economy was $850 billion. It’s now $21.3 trillion. That’s up 25 times.
  • Extraordinarily low-interest rates provide even more incentive to invest.
  • Technology is making businesses grow faster compared with the traditional, capital
  • Intensive ways of building physical structures in hopes they will pay off over time. It’s making the costs lower.
  • Knowledge is growing at the fastest pace it’s ever grown. (CNBC)


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